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Bitdefender Licence

Yesterday, Bitdefender put by mistake an important file in quarantine, as my licence expired, I can't find a way to recover this file because I can't access to Bitdefender tool. Is there a way to recover this file ? I can see which file has been placed in quarantine with Bitdefender central but no way to recover it.

Bitdefender Licence

I keep getting regular emails to renew my licence which was renewed 18 days ago. When I look at the licence in My Account in Bitdefender Internet Security it says I have 381 days left which is correct.If I go into Bitdefender Central/My Payments/My Subscriptions my old subscription is shown but not the one I paid for 18 days ago. However under Bitdefender Central/My Subscriptions/My Services it confirms that my expiry date is now 2021 however under Bitdefender Central/My Subscriptions/My Payments it says the expiry date is 2020 .However if I put the order number in for my new subscription it appears??

Furthermore, if you are using an android device, download bitdefender directly from google play store. After successful installation and opening the app, a login option will be available where you can input your central details and hopefully your product will get activated. The only thing to note here is that, you should have subscription of total security. So, if you have subscription of total security that features 3 devices, then only you will be able to activate the mobile security with the license you have.

If not, then I would request you to kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at , also sharing the screenshot of your error that you receive. Support team can fetch & provide every information related to your Bitdefender account.

In the new year I intend to set-up a dual booting system with my current Windows 7 on my existing SSD and Windows 10 on a new SSD. The main reason for this is for Oculus VR which no longer works properly under Win 7 but I don't want to fully switch to Win 10. My current Total Security 2019 licence (new this week) allows installation on five devices. Will installing BD on the Win 10 SSD count as one of those devices?

Développez votre entreprise et votre base de clients grâce à des technologies de sécurité complètes, en associant des technologies avancées à une flexibilité inégalée en termes de modèles commerciaux et de modèles de licences.

Why? On your PC, it takes Bitdefender Total Security 2023, the premier security suite and adds even more flexibility, enabling you to licence for the household. This means anyone within your local network, whether they own a PC, Mac, iOS or Android device, and irrespective of how many devices they own can activate a single copy of Family Pack 2023. It's that flexible.

Could anyone please give me instructions how to install free Bitdefender antivirus (with a Personal License key obtained via mail) from terminal in Ubuntu 16.04? (The case of installing "bitdefender non-free" doesn't fit.)...I am trying to install the product named "Bitdefender Antivirus Scanner for Unices" of which I have been given yesterday Aug.17,2016 via email a free Personal License key (for personal use only), after having contacted -for-unices.htmland requesting a Free Licence.I have downloaded 3 possible suitable installation files and tried (in vain!) to run the first and appearing most applicable one to my system of AMD-64bits-PC with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS:

I signed up for Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device 2017 and would like to install it in early January when my bitdefender 2016 subscription ends. If I download it now and use the activation code will I begin the subscription period immediately or will it start after the first of the year when the 2016 subscription period ends?

The developers of eScan provided a fairly comprehensive submission: the four main RPM packages, weighing in at 190MB, were accompanied by a licence file, a dependency list and a PDF user guide. The dependency list proved unnecessary, with all of the requirements already in place on a fairly basic system, and the user guide was only really needed to confirm the order in which the RPMs should be run, and to provide the syntax for changes needed in the Samba configuration file. Man pages were provided for the main executable components, but not for the daemons, however configuration was mostly performed via a browser-based GUI, which proved simple to access and operate, providing ample information and controls for most purposes. Updates were fairly speedy, completing in little over a minute on most runs, although the ClamAV-based part regularly reported issues which could only be resolved by updating core components manually; the Bitdefender part of the product operated smoothly throughout. 076b4e4f54


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