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How to Install Goldcoders Hyip Manager Script Nulled 108

How to Install Goldcoders Hyip Manager Script Nulled 108

Goldcoders Hyip Manager Script is a popular software package for creating and managing online investment platforms. It supports various payment systems, such as PerfectMoney, USDT, ePayCore, Payeer, Paypal, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, BitcoinCash, Ripple, Tron, Stellar, BNB[^2^]. It also has features like referral system, withdrawal system, deposit system, plan management, statistics, and more.

Goldcoders Hyip Manager Script Nulled 108

However, the original script is not free and requires a license code to install. If you want to use the script without paying for it, you can use a nulled version that has been modified to bypass the license check. This article will show you how to install Goldcoders Hyip Manager Script Nulled 108 on your server.

Step 1: Download the script files

You can download the script files from this link[^1^]. The zip file contains two folders: "GC Hyip Manager Pro" and "Patch_2023". The first folder contains the main script files that you need to upload to your server. The second folder contains some files that you need to replace later to make the script work with PHP 7.2.

Step 2: Upload the script files to your server

Using an FTP client or a file manager in your hosting control panel, upload the files from the "GC Hyip Manager Pro" folder to your server. Make sure you upload them in binary mode only. Also, rename the settings_default.php file to settings.php and set 777 permissions for it.

Step 3: Setup PHP and IonCube Loader

The script requires PHP 5.6 and IonCube Loader to run. You can check your PHP version and IonCube Loader status in your hosting control panel or by creating a phpinfo.php file with this code:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

If you don't have PHP 5.6 or IonCube Loader installed, you can contact your hosting provider or follow their instructions on how to change your PHP version and install IonCube Loader.

Step 4: Run the installation script

After uploading the files and setting up PHP and IonCube Loader, you can run the installation script by visiting this URL:


Follow the instructions on the screen and enter your database details and admin login details. You don't need to enter a license code as the script is nulled. After completing the installation, delete the install.php file from your server.

Step 5: Upload the patch files

The last step is to upload the files from the "Patch_2023" folder to your server with file replacement. These files will make the script compatible with PHP 7.2 which is more secure and faster than PHP 5.6. After uploading the files, change your PHP version to 7.2 in your hosting control panel.


You have successfully installed Goldcoders Hyip Manager Script Nulled 108 on your server. You can now log in to your admin panel and start creating your own online investment platform. 29c81ba772